Vital Supplements Information

What supplements does my body require?

If you haven’t found out what your unique Metabolic Typing® requirements are, then we recommend you buy:

Pro Bio 12 

Synergy Com #3 (Alive Multi-Vitamin) 

HCL #3 

Pharmax Pure Fish Oil (Capsules or liquid)

Enzigest #3 



Turmeric Supreme – Pain by Gaia Herbs

If you have completed your Advanced Metabolic Typing® test, please refer back to your own individual report Part 3: Your Metabolic Type®Supplement Recommendations.

If you would like to find out at a cellular level what your Metabolic Typing® requirements are, click HERE

Warning! If you are already taking nutritional supplements, it is critical that they not conflict with your metabolic type.  Eating the right foods for your metabolic type and taking the wrong supplements for your Metabolic Type® is like trying to walk in two opposite directions at the same time. The effect of one will neutralize the benefit of the other. Foods and nutrients have very specific stimulating or inhibiting effects on the fundamental homeostatic control mechanisms in your body that determine your Metabolic Typing®. Discuss this issue with your Advisor if you are already taking supplements.

Are all Supplements Equal?

NO, all supplements are not equal.  Our products are specially designed to be different for each Health care professional and their clients.

We cannot comment on other brands, however we know that there are differences in brands and just taking one type of vitamin and or mineral over another may not necessarily be beneficial.  Your body since humans have been on this planet has been processing complete foods.  These whole foods contain a mixture of macro (fats, Carbohydrates and protein) and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals).  No natural food just contains one without the other.  Therefore, for example; just taking a Vitamin C supplement without iron and or Vitamin E without Selenium, would really challenge the body to break it down and utilise it.

Just eating organic foods is a great start to a healthier and better quality life; however we have taken many essential nutrients from our soils and we have therefore depleted our whole foods of their true nature.  Taking quality supplements that SynergisticsEurope supply manufactured by Ultra Life, will ensure your diet is optimised and more complete.

When you buy a supplement look closely at the content and once you use it measure how it affects your well-being.  You are a unique individual, so should be your supplements.

If I drove 20 different trucks, from various models and companies, all with the same engine size and all with the same amount of gas in each.  Do you think they would cover the same distance?  NO, why?  They all have different components and different sized apparatus’.  Liken this to your body.  Your requirements for fats, proteins and carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc are just as unique.