DHM-2 (180)


DHM-2 Dietary Supplement

DHM-2 Dietary Supplement – Natural nutritional support believed to assist the body in its natural efforts of detoxification. May be of particular help to the body regarding mercury*. Best when used in conjunction with DHM-1.

DHM-2 Dietary Supplement ingredients:

Each tablet supplies Betaine HCL 454 mg., Potassium Chloride 65 mg., Glutamic Acid HCL 195 mg., Pepsin (1:20,000) 22 mg.

180 Capsules

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Weight 1 kg


Each capsule supplies Chlorella 500 mg., MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 250 mg., Cilantro 250 mg., Cellulase (500 CU) 100 mg.

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